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The Bespoke Experience with Tomasz Donocik

Commissioning a bespoke jewellery piece with Tomasz is a special experience, where the client is at the heart of the creative journey. A talented designer and dedicated guide, Tomasz gives life to your desires, combining cutting-edge design with exceptional craftsmanship.

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  • Private Consultation With Tomasz

    It all begins with a consultation to discuss your inspiration and ideas. Tomasz will personally help identify materials and choose the perfect gemstones for your bespoke piece. His sketches will be the starting point of your bespoke journey.

    If you are based overseas and are unable to visit our studio in London, Tomasz will be happy to work with you over the phone and via email.


Tomasz Donocik gives life to your desires in the form of a unique fine jewellery piece

  • Bringing Your Design To Life

    Following your inspiration and intentions expressed during the initial consultation, Tomasz Donocik will apply his unique creativity and expertise in sourcing diamonds and gemstones of the finest quality.

    Using a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge 3D modeling, he will propose visuals of a creative design reflecting your inspiration and enhancing the natural beauty of the selected stones.

  • Creating Your Unique Jewellery

    Once you select design of your dreams, your bespoke jewellery piece is created with the greatest care and craftsmanship skills at our workshop in London.

Your bespoke jewellery piece is created with the greatest care and craftsmanship skills at our workshop in London.

  • The Real Thing

    Once your jewellery has been beautifully finished and thoroughly checked, it will be presented in our luxurious packaging, ready for you to collect in person, or for us to securely ship to you.

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