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Award-winning fine jewellery designer Tomasz Donocik creates unique pieces that blur the boundaries between art and jewellery. Born in Poland and raised in Austria, Tomasz now lives and works in London where he founded his eponymous brand in 2008. Tomasz graduated with a BA from Central Saint Martins in London, followed by an MA in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing and Jewellery Making from the Royal College of Art in London. Immersed in these culturally rich surroundings, Tomasz has developed a life-long passion for art, film and literature, which continuously inspire his award-winning designs.

  • The Beginning

    With skills honed at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art in London, Tomasz designed for some of the world’s most renowned luxury houses - LVMH, Garrard, and Stephen Webster - before launching his own eponymous brand in London in 2009. Since then, Tomasz has been designing and creating unique and contemporary bespoke pieces and fine jewellery collections, available at prestigious retailers and department stores worldwide such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Tsum Moscow.

  • Watch the film

    Click below to learn more about Tomasz's studio, inspiration and creative journey in a short documentary created by Auverture.

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  • Inspiration

    Tomasz Donocik’s latest sources of inspiration include the Art Deco movement, 80s fashion, retro-futurism and the geometric paintings of Abstract expressionist artist Frank Stella.

    With a unique sense of creativity, Tomasz Donocik gives life to bold and contemporary jewellery pieces combining outstanding design and finest craftsmanship.

  • Awards

    Tomasz's multiple prestigious awards demonstrate the designer's recognition around the world in the fine jewellery industry.

    Tomasz Donocik's daring and creative designs combined with his high level of craftsmanship have earned him most recently the 2017 Gold Award for Precious Jewellery at the Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Council Awards in London.

When design and craftsmanship meet passion and emotion.

  • Craftsmanship

    Known for cutting edge design and precise craftsmanship, each piece is created using modern technology combined with traditional techniques.

    Exploring further the bridges between tradition and modernity, Tomasz Donocik associates traditional precious metals and stones to unconventional materials such as leather and silk, giving a forward-thinking twist to fine jewellery.

  • Our customer

    By inventing unique signature details, combining unconventional materials such as diamonds and leather, and playfully reimagining the way jewellery is worn, Tomasz Donocik creates fine jewellery pieces for the customer who dares to be different.


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